Machine learning and optimisation with Egon van de Kamp

Tradeshow and Exhibitions

Egon took me on an interesting journey of showing how is implementation of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) starting to take place in the Exhibition world. There is one constant in his professional life, innovations and creative mindset. Knowledge of Egon expands from brand activation, physical space and of course trade-shows.

First people than square meters

With Egon we discussed how exhibitors can improve their performance by implementing a new method of optimising banners for the booths. Through machine learning that uses heat mapping of the imagine.

Currently there are about 30.000 images uploaded in the system and optimisation is already showing it’s positive results. Nevertheless Egon is at the start with implementation of the product. So exhibitors and all stakeholders keep an eye of what future holds. You can connect with Egon through a variety of channels like LinkedIn or directly via the web-site.

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